About Us
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About Us

XIMULA is an innovative product expansion of revolutionary new furnishing system that encompasses the sleek minimalist design, durability and multitude configuration to optimize every storage space. 

XIMULA provides unlimited design possibilities, precision technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship within an award-winning collection. 

Every piece of XIMULA’s profile is uniquely designed and engineered which offers an exceptional line of aluminum-based furniture that combines contemporary elegance, clean pure line, and exquisite craftsmanship. XIMULA patented aluminium joinery concept allows you to mix a range of cabinets, shelves, drawers, rails and doors to create your perfect interior for your homes and offices. And our innovative joinery system allows for quick and easy assembly, installation, and  cost effective shipping. 


Our History

The XIMULA team had started out more than a decade ago with the mission to come up with a design that is durable, flexible, easy to assemble, compacted packaging, and more important, elegant and timeless. After numerous returns to the drawing board, we are finally able to introduce XIMULA to the world.

The XIMULA system is a unique form of furniture that offers unlimited design possibilities. We believe that furniture creativity is only bounded by our mindset, thus, even if we have been in the market for more than a decade but we have never stop learning.

Today, the XIMULA brand offer a plethora of features that make choosing XIMULA an obvious choice.

Firstly, XIMULA is commercially manufactured for durability and strength. XIMULA product main component is aluminium which is light, strong and highly recyclable. Therefore, with this advantageous feature, XIMULA is designed with a minimalist look that is strong, simple, elegant and timeless. 

Secondly, XIMULA system allows for high level of customisation. No matter your internal or external space, XIMULA can be customised to optimise the usage of your precious space. And we are proud of the XIMULA system in that it offers you the flexibility to add on or remove components as and when you like. This is a very futuristic thinking when compare with customised carpentry work. Traditional carpentry can offer customisation; however, it cannot offer you flexibility. We believe that the future of furniture should be able to grow and develop with each phase of your life, that is why XIMULA is design with the flexibility for you to change and add on to your future seamlessly which customise carpentry cannot achieve. Moreover, XIMULA can be moved around unlike carpentry which has to be hectically dismantled and wastefully deposed.

Lastly, we believe in beautifying your space. The aforementioned features are meaningless if it is not beautiful. That is why the design of XIMULA is done with the aesthetic factor coming first, every features has to consider that before going any further with the design. XIMULA is the epitome of style, sleekness and timeless elegant.


Our Accomplishments

XIMULA has won many internationally acclaimed quality products awards.

XIMULA has won awards such as the “Japan Good Design Award”, “Singapore Good design Award”and the “Malaysian Good Design Award”. All XIMULA products are uniquely designed and engineered to perfection. XIMULA underpinning philosophy is to be the best in terms of quality, customer service, effectiveness and efficiency. We pride ourselves for such accomplishment.

We also strive to be environmentally friendly by adhering to Singapore Environment Council (SEC) the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) strict standard and obtaining the Singapore Green Label for our melamine board.


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