Ximula at Phuket King’s Cup Regatta 2017 – Part 1


Ximula at Phuket King’s Cup Regatta 2017 – Part 1

The Ximula team is back once again at the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta! It is our second time here and it is the biggest regatta we take part in all year. We have been eagerly waiting for this event since our participation last year. The Phuket King’s Cup Regatta 2017 is held from 2nd December […]

Ximula at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)’s alumni.curated

Organised by NAFA’s 3D Design Alumni Chapter, alumni.curated is the first of its kind exhibition at NAFA, initiated and curated entirely by the chapter’s alumni. The alumni-led showcase presents diverse works by our 3D Design graduates from 1993 to 2017 as well as serves as a platform that provides valuable interaction between generations of artists. […]

Phuket King’s Cup Regatta 2017 – Ximula is back!

  In a blink of an eye, the annual Phuket King’s Cup Regatta is back and our Ximula team will once again be taking part this year! The event will be held at Phuket, from 4th December to 9th December for a total of 5 days. Follow us closely as we will be ever ready […]

[Kunming] Fa Yuan Xiao Qu Open Concept Wardrobe

In recent times, open concept wardrobes have been gaining demand. With its huge volume, easy access and storage, open concept wardrobes is ideal for users who like to fully ultilise their space and likes the airy feels that traditional wardrobes or cabinets cannot achieve. Our popular Ximula system fulfils all the criteria and, in addition, […]

A Conversation With Mr TC Wong

Foreword:TC Wong, the founder of Ximula, is an adventure seeker, and nothing quench his thirst for adventure like sailing.He believes in eco-friendly, loves nature and most of the all, the vast sea. While there are many methods of transportation on the sea, he prefers the environmentally friendly, peaceful and pure medium of sailing. TC Wong […]

Ximula at 18th Ambassador Cup

  The Ximula team is back for our fourth time at the annual Ambassador Cup, held at Changi Sailing Club in Singapore. With the tagline “Bringing the world together”, 47 embassies have took part in the 18th Ambassador Cup, which is the largest number in the history of the event. 喜慕乐团队已经是第四次参加一年一度在新加坡樟宜帆船俱乐部举办的大使杯帆船赛了。今年的口号是“让世界在一起”,今年的第18届大使杯帆船赛一共有47个大使馆代表参加,是有史以来规模最大的一次。 This social sailing race […]

[Trinidad and Tobago] House of Angostura Office Furniture

What do you think of when you hear Caribbean? Pirates? Today, we bring you a special case from our distributors at Trinidad and Tobago, where they have supplied office furniture for the world renowned House of Angostura. Founded in 1824, House of Angostura is the largest rum producer in Trinidad and Tobago, and the inventor […]

Ximula @ Fiji, Berry Road

A perfect holiday destination at the heart of South Pacific, Fiji Island… 斐济岛,一个隐藏在南太平洋上的完美度假胜地…… Fiji is an archipelago, an island country consist of some 330 islands and over 500 islets in the South Pacific Ocean, situated halfway between North America and Asia. This is a haven for conservationist and for those who wants to be one […]

Ximula – Your Style Your Way

As the housing prices rise, smaller apartments are in vogue, especially among the younger generation. However, smaller apartments have limited space. What furniture would be suitable to fulfil the needs of the small apartment owners? 随着房价高企,小户型大受青睐,特别是好爱时尚的年轻白领一族。小户型?人们往往会想到空间有限,那么到底要寻找怎样的品牌家具才能使得有限的空间,创造无限的可能呢? Ximula is the magical furniture system that you need! Its flexibility and adaptability allows it to make full use […]

Ximula’s path to the world stage – debut at global exhibitions

To survive in the market, a product must firstly be well designed, possess good quality, and bring value to its users. To excel in the market, the product and brand must be known and understood by the customers through multiple channels. Ximula started as a Singapore brand and has since branched out to multiple countries […]

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