Chengdu YongHu Bay Shoe & Display Cabinet

Chengdu YongHu Bay Shoe & Display Cabinet

Black and white is the most classic combination, and its timeless style surely has its reasons. Our customer of Chengdu YongHu Bay sure knows what work for them!




          This magnificent display set welcomes you right at the entrance! Isn’t it gorgeous and elegant?



            The right side is a series of cabinets forming a shoe storage that can easily house 100 pairs of shoes! The owner sure is shoe lover! The shoe cabinet set includes a drawer to fit your smaller items such as keys, umbrellas, and accessories. The mid-section is designed for plants or for your bags, it’s all depends on your preference! The system is undoubtedly well thought out by the designer!



The corner section includes a convenient hanger bar for hanging coats, walking sticks, umbrellas, etc.



            The display set on the left was designed for various special pieces from the owner’s collection of shoes and bags from travelling the world. You can have books or reading materials instead changing it to a reading corner as well.

            Ximula not only looks and feels very different from traditional furniture, its difference allows it to evolve and adapt to your needs, while remaining strong and durable!



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