I am who I am, I am Ximula

I am who I am, I am Ximula

The creation of a product is brought together through the synergy of design, concept, and the designer’s expression about life.

Since its birth, Ximula has embodied the attitude of its creator’s adventurousness and innovation; it possess the creative soul of the designer.

For the past 17 years, Ximula has always dedicated itself in sharing its ideology and contemporary concept with its users.

Although we have applied multiple patents for our creation, Ximula still faces the problem of imitation and plagiarism.

At the Guangzhou International Building and Decoration exhibition that took place in July this year, we saw multiple exhibitors presenting imitation of Ximula system.

As the popular saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While imitations showcase the affirmation and admiration for Ximula’s design, they galvanise us to constantly challenge and improve ourselves towards perfection and innovation as well. 

The aesthetic and design of any product can be recreated easily in today’s world. However, the creation of any product comes from the creator’s creative imagination and strong belief. A product comes alive upon its creation, and every creation has its own soul.

Imitations may come close in terms of outward appearance, but it will never carry the soul of the original.

Ximula was conceived by its creator’s concerns about the environment. We envision a furniture system that is durable and practical, customised to your lifestyle and surroundings, and adjustable to evolve and grow with you, in the effort to reduce replacements and wastage, which increases environmental pollution and damage.

Every dimension, angle, weight and detail were carefully devised with strict standards to attain exceptional quality. We spend countless attempts, long hours, hard work, and great effort in bringing Ximula to life because we do not see it as just an item, but we see it as our ‘child’. Beauty is not just about looks or appearances, it is about what they are intrinsically as well.

We will continue to uphold our principles and look forward to serving more users that resonates with our beliefs.

Our Ximula team will not stop improving ourselves by cultivating and enhancing our creations, while maintaining our imagination and innovativeness through constant research and development, to bring forth our very best to you. 
















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