JinSe KangYuan Wardrobe and Study system

JinSe KangYuan Wardrobe and Study system

            The owner from JinSe KangYuan sure has the taste for the luxurious aesthetic! Interior designers were engaged to draft unique and lavish designs, and finally settling for the design combination as shown below. The owner was personally involved in the design as well by visiting Ximula showroom and choosing the materials. Using a mix of Ximula premium aluminum trimmings, glass, wood, and leather, we created a one of a kind design that is elegant and stylish; and at the same time not compromising on its linear aspect. The design really is a great match with the owner’s style.





            Our in-house Ximula designer, had based on the owner’s requirement and the provided visualization, made micro adjustments based on the actual site environment to create a better fit and fully utilize the space.

            With consideration to the owner’s usage, the wardrobe is designed for easy access to commonly used items, which will be stored at the sides, and the lesser used pieces in the middle. The bottom of the set up can be used to store luggage and seasonal bedsheets. Lastly, the wardrobe was carefully design to allow access to the power sockets for mobile phone charger, lamp, etc; this is so convenient!


         为了更好地利用空间,扩大收纳功能,主卧的衣柜和床头柜、床头背景墙融为一体,左右两侧的空间用于存放经常穿着的衣物,中间的空间放置过季或者比较少穿的衣物。下放的空间可以放置一些收纳箱,放置过季的被褥和行李箱之类的东西。两侧的床头柜也精心地预留了插座安装的位置,手机充电、放置台灯等都So Easy啦。



Wardrobe and Study Area set


Due to the owner having a lot of internet equipment, our Ximula designer had taken the initiative to propose a low cabinet without a back panel so that all the wiring and internet equipment can be properly kept out of sight. 



             The main materials used are the premium black Ximula aluminum trimming, gray tinted glass, M20 teak, and leather, resulting in an understated yet lush look.


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