Sailing across Malacca Strait to Singapore on Ximula II

Sailing across Malacca Strait to Singapore on Ximula II


Original article from , Original author: Li Ti, Translation: Ximula



经过6天5夜的航行,我们一行三人终于于2018年1 月17日下午13时驾驶“XimulaⅡ“号成功穿越马六甲海峡,抵达新加坡。

Hi everyone! I, Zhu Xiao Ti, am finally back (finally receiving stable network)!

After 6 days and 5 nights worth of sailing on Ximula II, our team of three finally cross the Malacca Strait and arrived in Singapore on 17th January 2018 at 1300hrs.


由于我和小狄航海经验不足,这一路的航程并不算顺利,自1月12日从泰国普吉岛查龙湾正式启航后,不到3个小时我们就在岛附近触礁了。 所幸经过检查,除了龙骨底部受损以外没有其它问题,我们才得以继续前行。

Due to Xiao Di and my lack of experience, I will not consider this journey successful. We set off on 12th January from Chalong Bay, Phuket. With just 3 hours into our voyage, we encounter our first accident and hit the rocks near the island. Fortunately, there was no big problem and we were able to continue, we suffered some damages on the bottom of the keel after inspection.



In the subsequent nights sailing, Xiao Di and I experienced radar failure, entering restricted waterways and many more, each incident leaving the both of us in cold sweat.


一波未平一波又起,1月16日,也就是抵达新加坡的前一天,我们的舵突然被部分锁死了, 只能左右转动一圈,下潜排查了半天,也没找到问题。就在这时,由于靠近近海,又遭遇了渔民的渔网阵,每次都要转向几百米绕过渔船才得以安全前行。

On 16th January, the day before we arrive in Singapore, we lost partial control on our rudder and could only make partial turn. We could not find out the cause of the problem after diving in and inspecting for half a day. As we sail closer to restricted waterways, coupled with multiple fishing boats in the vicinity, we had to reroute with greater distance and keep our distance from the obstacles to safely proceed.



We stumbled and wobbled and finally arrived in Singapore. I heard that the sea around Indonesia will be far more torrid and dangerous. It is as if the sea is telling me, young lady, you are too arrogant!


好吧,大海, 我接受你的教诲。 我知道未来你还为我准备了很多课程,我这就去准备和预习!

Well, I will accept your teachings gratefully. I know there will be many more lessons that the sea has prepared for me, I’m off to prepare and practice!


我们将在新加坡进行整顿和补给, 1月20号正式向印度尼西亚出发!

We will be taking a short rest in Singapore and set off on 20th January for Indonesia! Cheer us on!



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